Realizing a more sustainable future

Mandati Mahidhar Group is committed to Invest and develop 442 Hubs, poised to scale up with a skilled –unskilled-semi skilled of direct and indirect employment of over Millions of Human Resources with substantial direct and indirect taxable income from Commuters, Business Ventures, Suppliers, Customers, Service providers with grand revenue to the Government of India and All the States.

1 Million + employments

Global ways shall cover the direct & indirect - skilled – unskilled -semi skilled

MM Global Ways

MM Global Group propose to establish Highway Hubs as one of the Flagship Project in Asia at India which will feature over 442 Hubs including but not limited to City, Urban, Semi Urban, Semi Rural and Rural based Highway zones to be Identified subject to Approvals by Government of India.

Road map

442 Outlets

1 Million + employments

Global ways Shall Cater to needs of

40 Million passengers every year

MM Global Ways Outlets

MM Global Way Hubs/Outlets shall have over Transport Cluster, Logistics Cluster, Agriculture Cluster, Leisure Cluster with Hotels-Motels, Health Cluster, Science Cluster, Sports Cluster, Food Parks, Shopping Zone, Business Zone, Media and Entertainment Zone, Tourism Cluster, Technology Cluster as part of the Hub.

Transport & Logistics Cluster

We are logistics integrator with an unrivalled indian network, we offer end-to-end transport solutions LoadKaroG and its partners landside transportation connects key service MM globalways hub points and major cities. Experience the comfort of end-to-end deliveries with LoadKaroG, and make your supply chain work to your competitive advantage.

Transport & Logistics Cluster has Parking, Fuel Station, Dormitory, Washrooms, Canteen, Service Station, Spare Parts, Washing, Truck Booking, Technical Training, Truck Showrooms, Facility Centre, Health & Safety

Tourism Cluster

Tourism Cluster shall focus on Leisure Tourism, Eco Tourism with Eco System of Nature Parks, Food Festivals, Sports Festivals, Science Festivals, School/College Level Competitions , Exhibitions , Conferences.

Shopping / Entertainment / Leisure Cluster

Shopping / Entertainment Cluster shall has Shopping Mall, Outlets/Shopping Street, Convenience Store, Food Courts, Restaurants, Bakeries, Coffee Shops, Food Vending Machines, Beauty Saloon, Bathing Facilities, Laundromats, Baby Area, Kids Play Area, Parks, Resting Area, Game Centre etc.

Shopping / Entertainment / Leisure Cluster has Shopping Mall, Branded Outlets, Auto Jelwels, Home Décor, Entertainment, Hotels/Motels, Convenience Store, Food Courts, Restaruants, Bakeries, Coffee Shops, Food Vending Machine, Beauty Saloon, Bathing Facility, Baby Area, Kids Play Area, Parks, Resting Area, Game Centre, Gas Station, Ambulance Service, Wifi & more

Agriculture Cluster

Agriculture Cluster shall have Agro based Storage Areas , Agro Grading & Sorting Units, Agri Distribution Centre, Wholesale MArket, Agro Food Festival, Contract Farming, Food Processing Units, Farm Studios, Farm Science Park , Agri-Engineering, Agro Science, Agro Technology framework.

Agriculture Cluster has Warehouse, Grading & sorting – Fruits - Vegetables, Agri Distribution Centre, Wholesale Market, Agro Food Festival.

Cargo Distribution Cluster

Cargo Distribution Cluster has Warehouse / Cold Storage, Fulfilment Centre for Online Portal, Door to Door Cargo, Global Supply Chain Management, Cargo Booking Services, Chain Logistics,, Customs Services, Project logistics.

Agriculture Cluster has Warehouse / Cold Storage, Fulfilment Centre for Online Portal , Door to Door Cargo, Global Supply Chain Management, Booking Services, Chain Logistics, Customs Services, Project Logistics & Pack House.

Mandati Narendra Sports Cluster

Sports Cluster shall include Sports Corridor for Indoor and Outdoor segment of Games for Leisure with relaxing for Senior citizens, Children, Men, Women and Professional Practice for Boys and Girls for sports career aspiring youth and Student community.

Sports Cluster has Fitness Centre, Wellness Centre, Dietics Centre, Nutrition Centre, Yoga Centre. Sports Hubs has Athletics, Track & Field, Group Sports, Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports. For Men/Women has Walker / Treadmill, Table Tennis / Indoor Games, Billiards / Snooker, Carom / Badminton), for Boys & Girls has Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Throw ball, Foot Ball, Puzzles/Riddles/Brain Teasers and Children has Swing, Sea Saw, Toys/Storyboards