MM Global Ways Business

MM Global Group Concept shall be positioned as a Landmark attaining a new Milestone in the

Logistics, Transport, Agriculture, Tourism, Food, Sports, Healthcare in the Travel and Hospitality Eco System of India Logistics Industrial Map, as the Flagship and Pioneer.

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Transport & Logistics Cluster

Transport & Logistics Cluster has Parking, Fuel Station, Dormitory, Washrooms, Canteen, Service Station, Spare Parts, Washing, Truck Booking, Technical Training, Truck Showrooms, Facility Centre, Health & Safety.

Cargo Distribution Cluster

Tourism Cluster

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Agriculture Cluster

Agriculture Cluster shall have

Agro based Storage Areas ,

Agro Grading & Sorting Units,

Agri Distribution Centre,

Wholesale Market, Agro Food Festival,

Contract Farming, Agro Science,

Agri-Engineering, Science Park ,

Farm Studios, Processing Units,

Agro Technology framework.

Shopping / Entertainment / Leisure Cluster

shopping mall
Shopping mall two vertical banners with food court and department stores isometric design compositions vector illustration

Sports Cluster

Athletics Track & Field | Group Sports | Indoor Sports | Outdoor Sports | Walker / Treadmill | Table Tennis | Indoor Games, Billiards | Snooker, Carom | Badminton | Volley Ball | Throw ball | Foot Ball |Puzzles/Riddles/Brain Teasers and for Children has Swing | Sea Saw | Toys | Storyboards.

Sports Hubs, Fitness Centre, Wellness Centre & Nutrition Centre

MM Global Ways Outlets

MM Global Way Hubs/Outlets shall have over Transport Cluster, Logistics Cluster, Agriculture Cluster, Leisure Cluster with Hotels-Motels, Health Cluster, Science Cluster, Sports Cluster, Food Parks, Shopping Zone, Business Zone, Media and Entertainment Zone, Tourism Cluster, Technology Cluster as part of the Hub.